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Who We Are

While we’re a proven leader in audio visual solutions, we’re built to do a whole lot more than just meet your AV needs. The truth is, many of the most critical details we take care of are not ever heard or seen by your attendees. From our perspective, if it makes your life easier, it’s part of our job, and it’s who we are. Our clients tell us it’s one of the things they appreciate most about us—and as far as we’re concerned, being that kind of partner is just as important as making your meeting or event sound and look fantastic.

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They were reliable, flexible, and respectful of our property and staff.

Their professionalism, positive attitude, and friendliness set them apart.

They were very communicative pre-event and while onsite.

Very professional and responsive.

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Relationships Change Everything

We are a relational company.

That means we value our relationship with our clients above all else. It also means we are not your stereotypical AV company, but rather your AV partner. Not only do we bring the full force of our team to bear on providing you the very best AV solutions for your particular needs, we strive to become an extension of your team every step of the way.

Where We Work

To say that we go to the ends of the earth for our clients is not an understatement. In fact, we work anywhere and everywhere—because of our widespread experience in more than 35 countries, we are comfortable with and sensitive to cultures across the globe. And with offices in Nashville, Las Vegas, and Denver, we can easily serve any location with the utmost cost efficiency.

They were very cooperative, friendly, and communicative.

They were patient and very easy to work with.

They always exceed our expectations.

It is and always has been a pleasure working with them.

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Offerings & Services

Regardless of the size of your event or meeting, we will approach your project with the same enthusiasm and high quality level each and every time. Whether it’s a small corporate meeting, or a large arena production, we will give you the same attention to detail and care.

Advisory Boards & Investigator Meetings

For businesses that rely on the info gathering and reporting mechanism of Advisory Boards and Investigator Meetings, there is perhaps nothing more important in their strategic overall work. We get it. We understand how crucial it is to your end goal to capture every moment and every piece of vital information. Over the past 10 years, we’ve partnered on literally thousands of these types of meetings—providing everything from ARS to transcription services—in virtually every corner of the world. When you have only one shot to get it right, start with us.

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Breakout Rooms

Hands-on work and learning gets done in Breakout rooms. We know they’re the work horses of most conference settings. Which is why we take them just as seriously as larger meeting rooms and General Sessions. We shine at making sure everyone in your Breakout room is connected (technologically speaking, as well as figuratively), and has the tools they need to have a fully successful session.

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General Sessions

There’s no bigger stage than the General Session in a corporate meeting setting. It’s a big deal. We hold nothing back in providing an expert team to bring your vision to life, including helping you develop that vision on the front end if you need it. Not only will we be there to help you share your story in an impressive, high-impact way—we’ll also help alleviate the typical kind of stress that’s involved in producing a flawless show.

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Arena Shows

From conceptualization and design to logistics and execution, we are the experts at handling every aspect of your event’s production—no matter how large. For starters, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality equipment, and that it has been properly QC’ed. Then we follow that with an extremely well-trained and highly qualified staff including your own dedicated project manager who is focused on efficient, results-driven communication and outcomes. With us, you can always trust that we will treat your event with the same care and attention to detail that you do.

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Drawings/Room Diagrams

As part of our process in preparing for your event or meeting, we provide expert drawing services such as rigging plots, wiring diagrams, and 3D renders if necessary. Your dedicated project manager, whose services come at no cost to you, will help guide you through the overall planning process utilizing these vital vision-casting tools.

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Our video capabilities are second to none. Beginning with creative conception, and on through editing and post-production, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients with a wide range of options, from live-streaming presentations, to fully produced content.

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I would absolutely recommend using AP Live. Sometimes AV services can become a little stale at meeting hotels when you’re required to use their in-house services; you’re not ever sure what to expect. AP Live delivers over and over again.

What sets AP Live apart for us is Breakouts. It’s so important that events with multiple Breakouts run smoothly. With AP Live on the event, they always kill it (in a good way).

We trust AP Live to work directly with our customers. They are professional, and work extremely well in direct communication with the end client.

They are dependable, don’t overcharge you for services, and work within your budget. The biggest reason we like working with AP Live is because we trust them. We trust that they have our best interest at heart and want to ensure we have a successful program every time.

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