What is the cost to rent LED tiles?

Costs can vary. However, we can work with virtually any budget to accomplish your ideal setup. We offer weekly rental pricing starting at $65/LED tile.

What “Pixel Pitch” do I need?

This depends on multiple factors, but mainly hinges upon how far your audience will be from the screen. Generally, the further away you’re viewing the screen, the higher the pitch can be.

In what types of meetings does AP Live specialize?

While we provide AV for every kind of corporate meeting and industry, one of our specialized areas is audio visual for Pharmaceutical meetings. We support Advisory Boards, Investigator Meetings, National Sales Meetings, Sales and Marketing Meetings, and of course General Sessions and Breakouts within each of those types of meetings.

Why should we choose AP Live as our Advisory Board audiovisual provider?

AP Live has unsurpassed experience handling Advisory Boards. We are Ad Board experts, and we make it our mission to make sure you leave with the crucial info that fulfills your meeting’s objectives. We know you have only one chance to capture the important information you’re there to gather. It cannot be recreated. So whether it’s audio visual for Pharmaceutical Ad Boards, or in any other industry, you will have a trusted partner in us, as well as a single point of contact for every detail that will provide for a smooth, worry-free Ad Board.

How much should we expect to pay for Advisory Board audiovisual support?

An Advisory Board is a critical tool to capture the necessary information your company or client needs in order to move forward with research and product development—and oftentimes—to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Because it is such an important meeting, it is imperative that you select an experienced audio visual company that is trained and equipped to handle it appropriately. In order to provide the level of service you need, and to ensure that your Advisory Board is a success and delivers upon your objectives, you should allow a minimum budget of $10,000 for the audiovisual aspects—including the equipment and technical personnel. We would be happy to provide you with specific recommendations—just click on the “Contact Us” button below, give us a little bit of info, and we will be in touch shortly. We hope to serve you soon!

Does AP Live have experience providing audiovisual specifically for Pharmaceutical meetings?

Yes. Providing audio visual for Pharmaceutical meetings is one of our specialties, in fact. We understand the unique intricacies involved like no other AV company, as well as the sensitive and confidential types of information involved in Pharmaceutical meetings. In providing AV for hundreds of Pharma meetings such as Advisory Boards, Investigator Meetings, and Sales and Marketing Meetings every year, we have developed a highly respected and trusted expertise in the Pharmaceutical industry that is second to none.

Does AP Live provide audiovisual support for National Sales Meetings?

Yes. Whether your National Sales Meeting is for 100 or 5,000 attendees, we have the expertise to make sure the audio visual aspects of your meeting are worry-free. We know that your National Sales Meeting sets the tone for your entire business year, so we understand the importance of everything running smoothly. With AP Live, you can trust that the AV will be in highly skilled, conscientious, and experienced hands.

Does AP Live provide audiovisual support for Investigator Meetings?

Yes. We have built a strong reputation for providing excellent audio visual solutions for Investigator Meetings around the world. We know that for these types of meetings, it is crucial to capture very important and unique information that cannot be recreated once the meeting is over—so we are extremely focused on getting what you need while you’re on-site.

How do you stay up-to-date on new audiovisual technology solutions?

We are constantly researching and then training our project managers and coordinators on the latest audio visual technology solutions.

Do you have green audiovisual solutions?

Yes, we offer green solutions like two-sided, energy-star printers, toner cartridge recycling, and LED lighting options. We’re continually researching cost-effective options to lower our impact on the environment. If you have a specific concern, please let us know.

Are all your products and services customized?

Yes, because our goal is to have a long-term relationship with each of our clients, we tailor all of our products and services to meet individual needs. Toward this, you will also receive a customized estimate, specific to your meeting’s or event’s needs.

Do you own your own equipment?

Yes, we own excellent audio visual equipment and the rest we get from our regional partners. This allows us to make sure you get only the equipment you need—not just what we own. It also allows us to provide you with more flexibility if things change.

Do you provide on-site offices?

We have an extensive office equipment inventory and also partner with vendors of printing equipment so that we can offer the same model of networkable printers at every meeting. This also allows us to create a LAN at each hotel with networked printers, reducing the total number of printers used and shipped from meeting to meeting. It also saves time and money—we don’t have to reinstall drivers or copiers, and we don’t need as many Internet lines from each venue.

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, we adhere to a national pricing structure for most equipment and all labor, which allows us to offer consistent pricing and expedite estimates.

How is your corporate meeting support equipment billed?

All of our corporate meeting support equipment is billed on a per-day basis—not a per-room, per-day charge. We also bill on a 3-day week policy. You will never see a 4th or 5th day charge from us. We have no cancellation fees, service fees, meal per diem, overtime, holiday pay, management fees, or any other fee that could be added to the invoice.

Do you have consulting services even if you are not onsite at my meeting or event?

Yes, we will offer our expertise to our clients even if we’re not providing onsite support on a project. We’re an open resource to answer questions and educate our clients on technical needs and hotel meeting spaces. Check out our resources for more info, or contact us directly with any questions.

Do you have a process for removing secure data?

Yes, we often work with clients’ security teams and initiatives to ensure that all data is securely handled onsite and removed from all computer systems and meeting rooms.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask us and we’ll find an answer for you!