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We start with the tiniest of details and build from there.

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We show up so you can show off.

It’s true. We show up for you in every way imaginable—from the moment you contact us regarding your audio visual needs, we start with you. What you need, what you want. Your budget and your goals.

While there are lots of audio visual solution providers out there, companies that are built to start with what you need and want are few and far between. We make that our priority every time you hire us.

Providing a better way to rent LED video walls was our goal when we started AP Live. Providing a better way to meet all your audio visual needs is our focus today.

Whether you’re looking to rent a single LED video wall, put on an extensive full-blown production with livestreaming video capabilities and cameras, or something in between, AP Live and the audio visual solutions we provide are built to be exactly what you need, at a quality level that blows you away. From trade show exhibits to concerts or tours, from outdoor festivals to corporate or private events, we create a level of impact that will set you apart like never before.


Production companies, event managers, and show organizers love us.

When you work with us, you’ll get a highly qualified, superbly trained crew, as well as gear that has passed through the most stringent of QC processes, so you can trust that only the best-in-class arrives at your venue.  

We want you to know that when the AP Live truck and crew roll in, we’re going to serve your audio visual needs according to unmatched standards. With such attention to details, your event can be transformed into everything you and your clients envisioned and more.

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